Monday, May 11, 2009


the weekend, that is. Did you really think I had finished something? Yeah right....sewing is a bit of a commodity around here at the moment!

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day....mine...not too bad, got a lovely bracelet from my lot...will post pic later.....and did actually get to do a little sewing, but that was for TCCT, which is about to changeover for the month....May 15th.

And just to let you know, Simple Stitches, my website is having a pattern sale...all patterns in the Stitchery and Doll categories are just $5 each, PDF download upon waiting for the mailman!
these are just some of the patterns available....

Well, now I'm off to work...YUCK! but I have to pay the bills somehow......
take care until next time,

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