Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone,
I am feeling very spoiled today....I have won two....yes TWO....of the giveaways on blogs in Whirl Into Winter, hosted by the lovely Debi.
First was at Merry Little Quilter, and then on Gr8dame's Place.

I will post pics when they arrive. I am totally gobsmacked at winning and continually amazed at the generousity of fellow bloggers. What a wonderful group of people, so go out there and check out all of the amazing blogs.

And this morning I went shopping, I needed to purchase some more calico and wadding, but look what just jumped right into the bag....I just couldn't stop them! (I didn't try very hard....)
Don't forget to check out Ester's blog, the next instalment of Red Delicious is out for a month only.
And the lovely Gail has a gorgeous BOM stitchery on her blog, not to mention the BOM calender quilt that I know so many are Ellies.
And finally the challenge set by May Britt and Kris, the One Project A Month Challenge.

Just how many more things can I fit in???? Let's see....there's the new quilt for my bed to celebrate 25 years of marriage in October, finish the cushions for Diva's room, make something for my new niece, keep making stuff for Prim and Pretty and TCCT, the list is just getting longer and longer!

Oh well, it all keeps me out of mischief...

cheers Julz

PS. If joining up for swaps please consider your swap partner, if you decide that you can't be bothered sending something, contact the organizer and let her know what is happening.

These swaps are supposed to be enjoyed by all, but sometimes life gets in the way and things don't get done. See Chookyblue here as she has some very interesting things to say as does Helen. Be fair and don't let your partner down, there's always email!

I'm putting this on as I feel very passionate about it, a friend who doesn't wish to make a fuss, missed out on receiving her pressy in the HoneyPot Swap held by Darlene. So I send her a little something to help ease the loss, but it's not the same as getting what you were supposed to, and there has no been any contact from her partner.

If people are going to sign up and not follow through, these lovely ladies that are spending so much time like Chookyblue, Helen, Debi and Darlene, organising swaps, THEY JUST WON'T DO IT ANYMORE and we the participates will be the losers.
Don't forget all the new friendships to make and some really great blogs to visit! Without some of these swaps, I know there are heaps of blogs I would not normally's a wonderful opportunity so don't blow it for all of us that love swaps!!!!!

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.
cheers again.


Chookyblue...... said...

absolutely well said for the PS......

Simone de Klerk said...

You lucky lucky winner! I won one too! I think that is incredible.
I totally agree on what you said about the swaps. I can't imagine people not keeping their promise, but unfortunately they are there!
Have a happy weekend!

hilltop house said...

Hi Julz, There are some really beautiful BOM and swaps going on at the moment and I think if we all had more time there would be lots more joining in, including me!! Good on you for winning 2 giveaways and looking forward to seeing your goodies when they arrive. Also, thank you speaking on behalf of your friend about people not following through when they sign up for a swap. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

Myra said...

Hi Julz!
I am just wondering if you have received the prize I sent you from the Whirl into Winter giveaway. I should think it would have arrived by now and hope it didn't get fabric-napped along the way.