Monday, October 6, 2008

HoneyPot Swap

Hi all,

just been to Darlene's blog, she has a Secret Santa Swap. I've signed up as it sounds like fun.

And give her your good wishes as her and her daughter were in an accident last week. Very lucky both of them. I wish them a speedy recovery!

That's it, I'm now going to do some more sewing!!!! Yeah!!!!

It's the only thing to do today, it's cold, wet and windy! Good day for sewing,

cheers Julz

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Evonne @ hilltop house said...

Hi Julz, Thanks for the link to Darlene's christmas swap. I have now signed up for my very first blogging swap!!! Wet rainy days.... they are good for sewing and sipping warm mugs of tea. Have a great day. Best Wishes, Evonne xx