Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been tagged by the lovely Lenora.

Rules of tagging: I need to disclose 7 random things about myself and then nominate 7 others to tag! Simple! (7 random things.....hmmm)

You've been tagged


1. Love red shoes! only have 4 pair....

2. Favourite colour is purple.

3 .Love the sound of gentle falling rain on a tin roof.

4. Never been drunk....too many other funny people to watch!

5. Hate brussel sprouts...YUK.

6. Don't have a middle name.

7. My mum was from a three girl family and I have three girls.

And my 7 taggee recipients are: Natalie, Dawnie, Stina, Christina, Jodie, Nic and Sarah.

Hope that all have fun doing this! It's much harder than you think!

Have a great weekend and heaps of sewing!!!!



Stina said...

Oh my gosh...thankyou... :o)
Hmmm..lets see what I can come up with... ;o)

Lenora said...

Great to read a little about you, isn't it fun thinking of all the things you could say. I also love red shoes! Thanks for playing along, Lenora XX.