Monday, August 11, 2008

Pay It Forward

Well, I did it. I have signed up for Pay It Forward on Kris's blog.

So now I am calling for three volunteers to receive a gift from me so that I can pay Kris's generosity forward. I know that lots of people have already played this game, but now might be a good time to sign up again! Remember you have 365 days to pay it forward to your three volunteers. Leave a comment here and I will send you a gift sometime in the next 365 days. I make bags, quilts, all sorts of things and I will send something to the first three people to join my PIF!

Just leave a comment on this post, pass it onto a friend, but let's have some fun and gift giving!

Come on, don't be shy!

On the home front, boy!!! has it been cold and wet here. Yesterday we even had snow on the very nearby could see it from the lounge window...couldn't take a pic, it was only a little snow.
It was a wonderful day just sitting inside and sewing...Love it! Lovely and toasty warm by the blazing wood fire....DH even made me a yummy hot chocolate during the afternoon....

Don't forget to add your name to my mailing list, (scroll right down to the bottom of the page) you could win a lovely craft pack just for joining in August (see post below), there needs to be a winner and it could be YOU!

I'm almost finished the birdie applique so will post some pics very soon....
until next time,

cheers Julz.


RoseMary said...

I would love to pay it forward.
What a great idea!
Thank You

simplestitches said...

thanks Rosemary, I'll be in contact soon. Julz

Laila L S said...

Hi, I would like to join in too.

simplestitches said...

thanks Laila, I'll be in contact soon, Julz