How To.....No Bulk Binding

 Do you have bulky bits when you do your binding?
Here I will show you how I do my bindings.
It is just one of many ways, but I have found this to be the best for what I do. 

You can also Google or YouTube ways to I said there are many. 

From your binding fabric cut however many strips you require,  2 ½” wide across the width of the fabric. Sew short ends together and press open. Fold binding in half, raw edges together and press entire length of binding.


Starting in the middle of the bottom, place the binding on the front of your piece, raw edges together, leave a tail of about 3”long, place a pin thru the binding and the wall hanging right in the middle where you would of started your stitching, then start your actual stitching about 3” from this pin, continue sewing and mitre* the corners as you go. 
Stop sewing about 3” from the other side of the pin, you should have another tail of fabric about 3”- 6” long. 

click on the photos to enlarge.
Take your piece to the ironingboard, fold the binding over on itself, so that the two pieces meet in the middle, fold back on itself, with the fold line touching each other. Press this with a hot iron to form a crease on each piece. See photo 1

Unfold the binding and place the creases together, pin crease and sew along the crease. Trim about ½” from the sewing line. See photo 2

Open the seam out and press. Your binding will now fit straight across the bottom of your piece. 
See photo 3

Finish sewing the binding on the bottom.

The extra effort to do your binding this way reduces bulk and makes the finished piece hang or sit better…
no bulky overlapped piece of binding in the middle.
Turn the binding over to the back, pin and slip stitch in place, mitreing* the corners as you go. 

* this is on another tutorial page.

I didn't invent this method, 
I don't know who did, 
but after doing bindings in various ways over the years, I have found this one to be the most successful to obtain a smooth finish. 
This is the way I do bindings and is a tutorial to show just that.... 
I am not claiming this method as my own, so I am not infringing copyright or making claim this method is mine and mine alone, however the photos used are mine and shall remain so. 


quilterliz said...

G'day Julz. Thanks for that info. I will try this on my next piece. Looks easy enough. Take care. Liz...

Denice Barker said...

SO much easier than some of the other methods I've seen. It's the part of quilting I dread the most, the meeting of the binding strips! Thanks for this!