Sunday, October 28, 2018


very photo heavy post!!
 another huge family on the lake
maple leaf swap blocks plus some of mine...
this was going to be the layout above..
online friend said she did a runner...
so these are now a runner and 6 placemats, 
more functional in this house

short flowering time for this one...a favourite

Lorne...our destination this time
old swing bridge over the river
under the famous arch
that's Lorne in the far distance
famous pole house 
Aireys Inlet lighthouse
just one of the great beach shots
I won't bore you with how many I took!
imagine our surprise at seeing this little guy hiking along side the road,
quick uturn so we could take some photos and keep him off the road and becoming a statistic!
postcard worthy photo!
off along the beach...a slightly safer option!
one of the many roadworks along the way...
this lady traffic controller was hilarous!
we had to stop for 10 minutes as they were using explosives,
she came up to all the cars and told us what was happening and that we could get out and take photos and stretch our legs

shame that some people don't have any respect!

Sheoak Falls

on the way to the falls 
Erskine Falls from the bottom
and the top

'this is only half of the set!!!!
there were quite a few rest areas
I'm pretty fit, but I was exhausted
some more wildlife
campsite visitor

this magpie was amazing!
he could imitate so many other birds 
and I swear could almost talk!
back to my normal walk
Jacobean Lillies
first bunch from my garden

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Michelle Ridgway said...

Such a beautiful part of the world Julie. Loved your pics and glad you had a lovely break x