Tuesday, March 6, 2018

time flys!

there are too many negatives around at times, 
so I choose to be happy!
gets them every time!!!!
 the clouds were just silvery on this walk earlier in the week
 day walk just a bit later on...
perfect reflections
 some Easter decorating
 inspired by Sandi at Forevermoore,
she is always doing some gorgeous seasonal decors
 caught this sunset one night,
gone so quickly!

 some great examples at the Monbulk Quilt show held over the weekend
 and of course I managed to bring home some goodies,
 including my new book by Max and Louise Pattern Co
and signed by both of my gorgeous friends!
(so lucky to have these ladies as friends and to live so close to them!)
 picking up firewood for Winter and this little guy put in a surprise visit
(I nearly had a heart attack! between him and the lizard that we thought was a baby snake until we realised it had legs!)
 a much cuter visitor while gathering the wood
 stuffing his beak on the witchtie grubs I uncovered!
 saying thanks for the grubs!

 sorry more walk photos!
feet up after a hard day cleaning carpets and moving every room in the house (almost)
still have 2 rooms to go ......argghhhh!
see you next time!


Sandi said...

Why thank you Julz for the 'praise' in my decorating - I was only yesterday thinking how I must get my easter stuff out.. you have inspired me to pull my finger out and do it today..will post a pic hopefully this afternoon. Love your scenery photos - it is always good to look on the bright side of things, there is always a silver lining hidden in all things.. xx

kiwikid said...

I really enjoy your walk photos, the reflections on the water are beautiful, as is the sunset. The kookaburra would have enjoyed you moving the wood around...that little beast would have given me a fright too!! Great pictures from the Monbulk Show, also some wonderful shopping!!

Anthea said...

Beautiful pics from your walks... and yes it's good to spread some cheer around as we go about our day... there's a lot of unhappy stuff going on!

Anita Johnson said...

Great attitude!
I just can’t get over the birds you see!