Sunday, February 7, 2016

what have I been up to?

first off,
I won a gorgeous button pack from the lovely Barb of Theodora Cleave!
how lucky am I?

aren't they sweet?

next up are walk photos.
I never tire of where I walk each day,
every day is different,
the light, fog, mist, sun, rain, overcast...always different

my kangaroo paws along the driveway are so beautiful at the moment,
red on this side and the pink ones on the other are finished now

and working on more UFOs
Lucy Boston is being sewn to her background and then I can start hand quilting her!

today is 7 years since the horrific Black Saturday fires ripped through several communites.
so many lives and properties lost..
yesterday we attended a wonderful event in honour of those who lost their lives,
organised by a local lady who lost 2 friends.

the event is a cruise from Lilydale to Healesville via Kinglake and Toolangi,
areas that were greatly affected by the fires,
each year it is growing bigger and better,
there are lots of hot rods, custom cars and normal everyday cars,
everyone is invited.
such a great turnout!

so today I remember those who were affected by the fires and
remember my cousin who lost 2 members of his family,
so tragic!
and give thanks to all who give their time and dedication
to fighting fires and keeping our community safe...


Susan C. said...

That day will be forever in my memory, for those who lost so much it must be so much worse. It's good to see that communities seek to honour those left behind as well as those gone. You do live in a lovely place, is that a lake you walk past?

Lida said...

Red your FB page and now I understand where the memory's came from. Love the ufo that you are working on, hugs