Thursday, November 28, 2013

retail therapy

today I went and did most of my Christmas shopping...
usually it's a week before and I'm running around like an idiot, 
spending too much money 
and not happy with what I have purchased
(although everyone seems to like their gifts on the day)
I came home and wrapped them all up too!
Haven't got the Christmas tree up yet, so they are in my wardrobe....

anyway I needed to go to Spotlight for 2 DMC threads I am using on a special project...
Do you see the 2 DMCs on the right, well that's what I went to get, 
the rest just followed me home, 
what could I do?


Susan said...

I think you deserve the reward for having all your Christmas shopping done!

Sandi said...

Oh Julz, I can just make out the two DMC You sound like me - I have done the exact same thing - pressies all bought and wrapped - tree to go up next..