Thursday, September 29, 2011


there will be NO MARKET
this weekend!
(due to all the rain we have had again....grrrrrr)


the market people have rescheduled for October 23rd.


Lida said...

Hi Julie,
Wish you a good market day wit sunshine and a lot of sails!
The things are looing great again! Hugs

Sandi said...

Hi Julie, the stall pics look great, wish I could visit the stall, bit far for a weekend drive, looks like some lovely stuff there...good luck with the weather.

quilterliz said...

G'day. Your stall looks terrific. I have not been to that market and sadly I won't be able to come to this one. Do you have a stall at the Yarra Glen market as well? I hope the weather clears for you, it is not looking good by the weather forecast. Take care. Liz...