Monday, November 16, 2009


The Chocolate Crow Trader online magazine has not yet been changed over for November....
Poor Chris has been having loads of internet woes (none for almost a week)
hopefully it will be back on later this week for her.

so once it is the new addition is up and running,
I post it here..

It's the Christmas addition, so there will be loads of great Christmas items from the girls!

Have you had a look at my new selling blog...only a few thing s on there at the moment,
but more coming.....

click here to view it.


drum roll please.....

The winner of the button guessing competition is

with a final guess of 1363.

So do you want to know how many buttons were is that jar???

There were 1422 buttons!
Told you it was a really big jar!

I'm on holidays for the next couple of weeks (well from one job anyway!)
it gives me 3 days off in each week!

so look out sewing room...
here I come

Over the weekend I managed to get quite a few things almost finished, will pop them onto the new blog when finished...maybe tomorrow???

Now I'm off to work (the other job) and tomorrow I hit the sewing room....yaaaayyyyy!

Have a great day


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