Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm finished my SSCS pressies and they will be jetting their way to ????????
you'll have to wait and see....

I'm really happy with the way things turned out, and hope that my partner thinks so too.

Still haven't heard from my Secret Stitchers Angel...just hoping now that her parcel didn't get lost in the post......

OK all you girls in Germany start checking your post box, it must be there soon!

And I can actually put something in my sidebar as a finish for November! Hows that?
(the pic is at the top of the post...blogger won't let me put it down here)
stupid blogger!

Now the stitchery has been in my UFO basket for about 4 years. I did it with the intention of making some cushion covers with angels on them, well did the stitchery part and never did the rest. This wall hanging is now going to my niece as part of her 1st birthday present....(what do you buy a one year old besides toys....and they always seem to have so many these days!), so I thought something that would be a bit more lasting was appropiate....and she can think about her 3 cousins looking out for her, as in the wall hanging!

Back into the sewing I have heaps of stuff still to do, and only one week of my holidays left!

Tomorrow, I'm off to nieces birthday party AND to my works Christmas do

( yeah I know it's early but was the only time they could get in where they wanted it....
How do you get into festive spirit in the middle of November!)

ohhhh well, I'm give it a go anyway!

take care and cheers


Lorraine said...

Hi stopped by my blog and asked me where I got the reindeer headband.....but the email is "no reply" so I thought I would leave a comment here.....I found the headband at Target.....glad you have finished your SSCS..I have finished mine and hope to get it sent off soon....and the Christmas tree is up.....but like you I find it hard to go to Christmas functions while it is still November.....L

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely stitchery with hanger!

Vickie said...

kewl Julz I reckon you swap reipient will love the gift and way to go using a UFO well done.cheers Vickir