Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You just would not read about it.....4 months ago we had raging we have snow....yes SNOW! Just watching the news, Marysville and Kinglake that were totally devastated by bushfire has snow would only happen in Australia.

It only about 6 degrees here today, snow up on the hills, cold wet and rainy....
it looks like snow on these trees in the front, but they are just heavy with rain.....

Now, on to what this post was really for.....

these managed to follow me home (via the internet)....thanks to Linda, when I was visiting her blog, she was telling all about the specials on fabric that she had found here.

cheers Julz

ps hope all you Victorians are keeping warm


Stina said...

Snow.... oh my gosh.. I ve just got rid of the %&&€# white stuf... and now you re talking about snow...:o)))
Hope you enjoys it... all I can say I dont miss it...:o))

Lovely shopping!!! :o)

Sarah said...

Yes, been very cold here in Tas too!! Great sewing weather lol
x Sarah