Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend update...

well the weekend is done and dusted for another week! Where does the time go?
Anyway thought I would share the progress I made this weekend...... finally!!!!
glued and ready to go
freezer paper ready to go...just need to choose the fabrics!
and this one will be finished this afternoon! (with any luck).

and I'm up to date with my BOM calender blocks (no pics yet sorry)....

and I have drawn up all the Verandah Views blocks from here, they are in my take along bag (in the car) when I'm waiting around for kiddies...

and all the ABC stitcheries from Cath's are all drawn up too....

so I've got a few things on the go....that list is just getting longer and longer, not shorter!

And I've finally got some time to myself so I can start planning what I'll send my PIF girls...hopefully you won't have to wait much longer....sorry no sneeky peeks!

Ok now it's back to hang out the washing, leaves an hour til pick up time from school...then time to start dinner.....see what I mean....where does the time go....if anyone can find some for me...please send it here....(think I need another 24 hours in the day....that the kids and hubby don't know about.....

cheers Julz

PS Don't forget to come and have a look at my new on the pic at the top of the left column.

1 comment:

Simone de Klerk said...

I really enjoyed going through you new website!
Your BOMs look great and doesn't it feel good to catch up with them. I still have the beautiful third blog of Verandah Views to do. Really want to finish it at the end of the month.
Glad all is back to 'normal' again for you and your family.