Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Project A Month Challenge...

Hi everyone,
like so many others out there in blogland, I have taken the plunge and signed up for Kris and
May Britts challenge.

Maybe it will give me the incentive to find some of those long forgotten projects at the bottom of the basket, and finish them!

Maybe in will just add to the basket, today I went shopping and came home with these....
some inspiration!

and when we got home, the lovely postman had been.....with these!
so lets see what will happen.

well, that's it for the time being. It's off to the kitchen to get dinner organised and off to work!!!! No I didn't win that $30 million in Tattslotto on the weekend, so it's work again for us in this household....Oh to dream of that much money, just imagine how big the stash could become!!!!

cheers Julz


May Britt said...

We always need inspiration. Wish I could go out in the shop and find those australian quiltmagazines, but here in Norway they just sell the american.....love yours better.

Simone de Klerk said...

You got some very nice things! I received an Australian magazine today from a dear blogfriend. Unbelievable, how many projects there are inside. And so much fun to do. I'll be looking at it more closely tonight.
BTW love the fabrics too!

Threeundertwo said...

Don't you love new magazines? One of my favorite indulgences.