Monday, November 3, 2008


Hi everyone,
another post, 2 in 2 days, whatever is going on!!!!
Well, today I went down the street to do some shopping and when I got back the parcel delivery guy had left me some much anticipated parcels.

This one is from my Secret Stitchers Angel, you know who you are....
this is what I got....very lucky me!
and then I started to unpack the box.....and then unwrapped all the blue tissue paper pressies, and inside was this gorgeous collection of items.....
inside was a thread catcher (Sue Daley's design), a scissor keeper (Lynette Andersons), a covered tape measure, a pincushion (I'm starting to get a really good collection of these!), a little project bag (Natalie Lymer), an armchair caddy (Hugs from Helen), Halloween marshmallows, 2 lots of Ferrero chocolate, another small block of chocolate, a very cute little box and finally some needles inside a needle keeper! Don't think I forgot anything...

aren't I the lucky one!!!

Thank you to my Secret Stitcher Angel, you are definitely an ANGEL!!!! I was totally speechless as I unpacked everything from this box. All I can say is that crafty people are just so generous with their time and their giving and to my swap partner a big big


With that all said and done, see you next time and take care,


Stina said...

Oh your secret Angel have blessed you with a lot of wonderful gifts...lucky you!!

Lenora said...

How exciting! Yes, definately an angel. Enjoy!!!