Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Website....

please check out this new website by Jackie. She is one of the artisans on TCCT, and has branched out into the cyberspace. I think her site is wonderful, full of gorgeous handmades etc.

The Back Shed.

So pop on over and say Hi! Jackie would love to hear from you.

and something else I have just finished....

Well, that's it for to many things to get done is just interfering with it.....what to do?????

Go to work, I everyone else...ok that's enough ...I'm off!

cheers Julz

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Niki :-) said...

You're invited! To the LAST PUSH quilt-a-thon I am having . Come see what it's all about!
The more the merrier! Spread the word, and grab the button! Quilty hugs! Remember, Dec 13 is the special day! Niki in AZ